Jamaica FiReal! 
 Rastaman  "I got treats fi you mon!"
A gritty, warm, soulful slice of Jamaican culture
like bammies and guava jelly!


Experience a Jamaican DJ show
Recorded live in Montego Bay!
(RealAudio 8Kbps - aprox 30 min)

Experience side one and side two
of a tape straight from the mountains.
A gift to you from the spirits of Ocho Rios!
(RealAudio 16Kbps - aprox 30 min each selection)

Best of all...
These two tapes I walked down the mountain with represent over 2.5 hours of Jamaican
culture, complete with DJ chatty-chatty and live audience participation!

If enough people are interested, I
will continue to add to this collection
from the remaining cassette material.
Let me know if you care

This site is dedicated to the culture and spirit of the Jamaican people.

Wars and Politicians come and go, but music is forever.
- Ziggy Marley

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